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Moving Tips

Moving TipsThe easiest and most stress-free moves come from being organized. Before you pack or move your belongings it is wise to decide what you really need and use. It does not make sense to pack things that you have not used in awhile. Normally you will come across papers that you have filed away for a rainy day. Make sure these are documents that you really need. Shabby furniture’s that are beyond repair does not make sense to move them. If you are able to get new furniture delivered to your new home then throw away the old ones. This way you save on the movers time and you also save space for stuff you really need in the truck.

Moving is definitely a stressful experience, but if you find the right moving company, your relocation can go a lot smoother. Here at Impress Moving & Storage, we believe you should conduct a little research before hiring a moving company. It’s a good idea to scope out and compare the different services and prices available. Here are some additional moving tips:

Check Out The Area:
If you are moving to a new area, start your research using the Internet to get to know your new place. Check out the council website in your proposed area to get a feel for the community and what is important to the council.

Check Out The Area:
Impress Moving and Storage have a professional estimator that will be able to come and go over your inventory with you & further explain our full door-to-door services. He will provide you with a FREE BINDING ESTIMATE at your location at your convenience. This will further assist you with knowing exactly how much your relocation will cost you.

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Write everything down! You will thank yourself later. Before you pack, make sure to create a detailed list of numbers with a space to write the contents for each one. Make sure to place a number on all your items you pack and write the contents on your list.

What You Will Take With You:
Decide what items you want to ship and what will be discarded. Inspect your home. Check from your attic to your basement, before the relocation consultant arrives. Show the consultant everything that you will be moving.

Antiques & Special Furniture:
Obtain a written appraisal of antiques to verify their value. Do not retouch, wax or oil wood furniture before your move. Some products may soften the wood, making it vulnerable to imprinting from furniture pads.

Finally, it’s time to pack your belongings. Take advantage of our full packing service! Our professional movers will come to your home and carefully wrap and pack all your items so that they arrive at your destination in the same condition in which they left.

We offer our long distance customers with a complimentary moving kit that will be shipped to you ahead of time upon booking buy fluconazole . We at Impress Moving and Storage also have available full and partial professional packing services upon request for an additional fee. If you would like additional packing supplies, feel free to visit our website to purchase any materials you may need and for more information.

Switch Utility Services:
Contact your water, sewer, electrical, gas, home security, rubbish disposal, telephone and cable companies. Let them know when you are moving and where you need your services transferred.

If you’re moving out of the area make sure to cancel your memberships to Gyms, Co-ops, Clubs, and other local organizations. Fill out a “Change Of Address” form at the post office and have mail forwarded to your new address. Return all borrowed or rented items, such as library books, DVD`s, and video games. Call companies or go online to have magazines, newspapers, and purchases sent to your new mailing address.

Update your bank and any credit card or loan companies with your new address. Call utility companies to set up cut-off and start-up dates for the electricity, heat, trash, and other services at your current and new residences.

Notify your home, auto, life, and health insurance companies of your move and have them update your address and, if applicable, your policy.

Insurance Needs:
It is very important to get insurance when moving. Not only will you need it for moving items safely and with little risk but you will also need to get insurance for your new location. Insurance can be purchased for both homeowners and renters. Homeowners insurance will cover the new house as well as the items inside during a fire or a flood.

Here are a few companies that we work with.

Move Insurance:
Phone # 800-411-0913

Baker International Insurance:
Phone # 800-356-0099

Relocation Insurance:
Phone # 888-893-8835

Delivery Day:
Be present to answer any questions and give directions. Pay the driver before your goods are unloaded. Always supervise the unloading and unpacking of your goods.

Note on the inventory list all boxes or other items that are damaged before you sign any documents.

With these tips, and with our professional moving help, your move should be as smooth and stress free as possible.

We at Impress Moving & Storage look forward to assisting you, please contact us at any time to further discuss your move with one of our friendly relocation consultants at 888-885-8900.


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